Press Release

This story is about how Steve Melanson, a retired electrician, decided to change his life for the better after retirement.

He decided that his pension would not cover his dreams, he didn’t want to reduce the size of his dreams, so he had to change his finances to accommodate them.

He was told of an opportunity in network marketing, did his research, said yes, and went to work learning about LifeVantage. He heard from a friend about some online courses he could take and incorporate them into his business presentations, MKMMA and Go90Grow. Using the tools he acquired in these courses he has risen to a level in that company that he now has to dream even bigger.

His family now lives on an 10 acre estate  on the Island of Kauai. He travels extensively, sharing his dreams and passions with others. Often taking his large family along for the adventures that were once but dreams.

Candidly he said, “I only wish I had done it sooner”.