Week 13 with MKMMA

Harmony VS. Balance

We are to concentrate on harmony, but what does that mean. One definition is “The state of being in agreement or concord” and another “an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative” yet another “it is an order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another”.

This is not to be confused with Balance, “balance is a point between two opposite forces that is desirable over purely one state or the other”.

These are very different in meaning, if you are seeking balance, you need to give something up on one side of the whole to even up the other side.

So by definition, becoming positive biased instead of negative biased can not be balanced.

Therefore in seeking harmony, we pull together the forces needed to effect the positive bias thought processes.

Embracing the Seven Laws of the Mind, we can develop an harmonious mental attitude and find harmony in our world within, which in turn will reflect on our world without.

We, the students in the MKMMA have been given the tools necessary to think correctly and change our realities. It is up to us to apply this knowledge to bring about an harmonious mental attitude.

Peace and Aloha, Steve


Week 12 with MKMMA

Part Twelve of the Master Keys paragraph 3 states “…we find it difficult to banish fear, anxiety or discouragement, all of which are powerful thought forces, and which continually send the things we desire further away, so that it is often one step forward and two steps backward”.

Over the break for the holidays I have been struggling to keep my thoughts focused on the prize. My old subby has been powerful, exhibiting itself as in all the above, fear, anxiety and even discouragement.

Anxious that trying to catch up let alone keep up. Fear of not being able to express my thoughts for this blog. Discouraged when another day has passed without inspiration.

Persistence, focus, the readings and the sit keep reminding me why I’m even doing this. Keep going forward.

Focusing in on my dream board and reading my DMP reminds me that I really need to chip away at the hardened concrete engulfing my inner golden Buddha. I know that with persistence, I can achieve success. By using the law of relaxation, the doorway to progress, I know I am able to overcome these hindrances. Dig deeper.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 11 withMKMMA

Of the 7 Laws of the Mind, the Law of Forgiveness came into prominence this week.

The Law states; “To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not exists”.

This week a family member passed away unexpectedly. In years past he was a close friend and confidant. However the relationship had deteriorated in the last few years to the point where there was no communication. Anger and resentment replaced the love.

About two days prior to his departure from his earthly journey, he appeared in a dream. Larger than life, his head bowed down, not speaking. Very strange, as he was not thought of very often.

After learning of his passing, we came to an understanding of the Law of Forgiveness. His mysterious appearance was the connection between the subconscious of both, along with the Devine, to release the anger and resentment.

Coming to this understanding has made it easier for the conscious mind to deal with the fact that even though he passed without a verbal, physical reconciliation, we are now at peace with each other. Many thanks to the subconscious mind connections with the Universal mind.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 10 with MKMMA

The holiday break has allowed me to fall out of harmony with the Universal Mind, this discord must be my old subby calling me back into complacency. “Why are you doing this? What is wrong with the status quo?” However, my daily reading of Mandino has reminded me of Persistence. Armed with the phrase “I will persist until I succeed”, to keep me focused on the goal of rewiring the sub-conscious, to connect with Universal.

I’m still working on the Mental Diet, I have been observing how many negative influences we are bombarded with daily. I now find it hard to watch the news, so much upsetting negative content. Even just talking with old friends seems to be fraught with negativity. So I am getting a lot of practice with the Law of Substitution and not forming opinions, quite the mental workout.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 9 with MKMMA

The Law of Growth

“Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies”.

I’m really starting to understand this simple statement. As I have progressed in this course and do the daily reads, and the contemplative sitting, I have started to become the observer and have seen the changes in my mental well being. I now understand that forming opinions is really passing judgement, usually a negative one. Forgetting the negative thoughts, letting them atrophy, is unto itself a positive change, one which re-shapes the subconscious mind, making room for new, good, positive thoughts and thinking about them will grow and become good habits.

Having been on the mental diet for a couple of weeks now has shown me that I had become complacent and stagnate, not growing. I thought everything was fine, thought I was happy. Turns out that really wasn’t the case, I started to put my dreams back on the shelf again. But just with this mental diet, I have seen an increase in positive attitude, which others have noticed and commented upon. Greatly reducing TV time has provided me with more time to dig deeper into this course, and to be of more service to others, thereby connecting with the “Give more, get more” philosophy.

We’re about one third through this course, based on the changes we all have already made, and anticipating the ones to come, I feel we all made the right choice by joining this MKMMA journey.

Aloha and peace, Steve

Week 8 with MKMMA

I greet this day with love in my heart.

What a powerful statement. Using the law of dual thought, I say this to myself whenever I start to feel negative thoughts coming and enjoy feeling the negativity fade away. My 7 year old granddaughter loves to say this with me, judging by her smile I’m sure she understands the concept. How awesome it is to put into practice the lessons we are learning in raising children, forming their subconscious with positivity instead of  adding to the concrete they are exposed to in the outside world. Even though my wife is not taking this program, whenever she starts to say something negative, all I have to say is, I greet this day with love in my heart, and instantly we both feel better.

We are supposed to be on a mental diet, one where we don’t allow ourselves any negative thoughts for 7 days. I think my personal best so far has been 1.75 days. I did not realize how many times a day I actually had negative thoughts, but now that I am the observer, I foresee great changes coming. Thank you MKMMA.

I have not had any trouble giving up TV this last week. I have a feeling that this lesson will last far longer than the one week. I feel this is just the starting point, as we have found more time and mental clarity to accomplish things we want to do.

Aloha and peace, Steve

Week 7 with MKMMA

Wow, this mental diet of Emmet Fox’s has been a tough one. Even Fox said “This discipline will be so strenuous that I could not maintain it consciously for much more than a week”. I would also bet that he did not even attempt it during a contentious presidential election season. I lost track on how many times I had to start over, suffice it to say out of 7 days, I have not completed 1. However, I will persevere and will get to the seven days, (I’m not listening to you old subby) as I can see the importance of this exercise and the effect it will have on creating the new subconscious mind.

I am still practicing not forming opinions, this seems to be getting easier. I believe I’m creating a new good habit. After living with Scroll II for a while, and starting to put into practice the written words, I have seen some personal growth. We (my wife and I) went to a meeting this week, and when we first arrived I did say the phrase silently “I love you” to the host as he greeted us, he must have seen it in my eyes, because he told us later, with a smile, that he felt a change in us. What a confirmation on the progress we have made through the MKMMA. This after only 7 weeks in. I can hardly wait for the fully developed new subby.

I have also tried Master Minding with some friends on some of the finer points of the homework, the collaboration was very beneficial. I am grateful for being able to reach out for and receive assistance.


Aloha and peace, Steve

Week 6 with MKMMA

I am really starting to enjoy the practice of not forming opinions, its mentally freeing, and by now I am starting to form a good habit. By not forming opinions my sub-conscious is not being inundated with negative auto-suggestions about the world without, trying to keep the world within open to more positive auto-suggestions, and being in the moment. I am fairly certain that is the objective of this lesson. However, it does seem that writing a blog means offering many opinions, somewhat counter to the lesson.

I was able to tie together two of our practices this week in the real world. While I took some friends out to Polihale beach on Kauai this week, a fellow from the Czech Republic came up to me and asked me (in very broken english) to help him free his vehicle from the soft sand, he told me he and his wife were to go back home the next day. Having been to this beach many times, I had come prepared with a tow strap, and other equipment in my 4X4. Driving back to his campsite, he pointed out another stranded camper. So as we are learning to give without the expectation of reciprocity, I did not hesitate to help both of these individuals, and I did not express any opinions of how they came to be in such a predicament, just pulled them out and enjoyed the greatest of rewards, smiles, hugs, and many thank you’s. Very happy people indeed. This is something I would have done even before MKMMA, but my lesson was doing it for the joy of service to our fellow mankind.

Aloha, Steve

Week 5 with MKMMA

My first thoughts about not expressing or even forming opinions was, this might be a little tough. One week into it and I can say I did try. I didn’t realize just how many times a day I offered my opinions. I did observe when I gave an opinion that wasn’t asked for. First thing I did was to explain to my wife Connie what this exercise is and what it’s about. It was actually refreshing not having to form and express my opinions. Of course we both laughed when I realized my faux pas, then said that was an opinion. It’s getting easier to become the observer, and I really like just saying, I have no opinion on that…

I feel that the giving and receiving exercise went better for me. I believe this is something I already try to do with the people I come in contact with, but now I do it more consciously and with more feeling.

I’m still being challenged with the DMP trying to get it right.

Aloha, Steve

Week 4 with MKMMA

I am learning to be more positive and expressive in crafting my DMP, trying to get past the struggles of the old ways my subconscious had been previously hard wired, and re-write my thought processes. I’m starting to see why this course is so long, it take awhile to re-write it. I’m finding that I need to dedicate more time to this commitment to do it justice. Like Davene said, you have to give it 100%. Give anything less, you won’t succeed.

I like the Giving and Receiving Card, this is such a powerful tool to reprogram the subby into being positive at every personal encounter. This really ties into the ‘World Within’ and learning to be more giving of oneself, to be of service to others.

All these things that we are learning and putting into practice, seem to be working already. I have found that helping others without any expectations is rewarding, it just feels good. Could this be a new ‘Good Habit’ forming, and like Mandino wrote “if it’s a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often”.

Aloha, Steve