Week 21 with MKMMA

This week we were enlightened to a quote that has been attributed to Albert Einstein. When I looked on the internet for the pertinent information about this quote, I found out that Einstein may not be the one who is responsible for it.

The quote in question is “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

However, as I choose to be happy, I don’t care who said it, I love it. For when we look around us, we see the miracles of nature everywhere. All the vegetation is pre-destined to grow into what is encoded into it’s genes. It gathers what it needs to fulfill it’s destiny, pulling from the Earth it’s life’s essence. Generation after generation, Ad Infinitum.

All the animal Kingdom, (as the vegetation does), also sets upon it’s pre-ordained task to become what it’s genomes have put forth. 

All this is built upon the smallest known building blocks the Atom. As far as we know all atoms have a neutron at it’s center and a valence of electrons, and a whole lot of empty space in between.

Referring back to “everything is a miracle” , it’s staggering to contemplate that everything, reduced to this level, has a connection the Universal, and doing exactly what it needs to do, exactly when it needs to do it. To follow the path it was programed to do, using it’s innate intelligence, by gathering unto itself everything it needs to become what has been destined.

So yes, knowing all this I choose to believe “Everything is a Miracle”, and I choose to be happy.

Peace and Aloha, Steve


2 thoughts on “Week 21 with MKMMA

  1. Steve, I enjoyed your blog- you definitely broke it down in a scientific fashion and then drove it home with the statement that everything is a miracle. Truly everything is a miracle and how each atom works is even more amazing. Nice job on your blog;

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