Week 17A with MKMMA

Over the past couple of weeks my wife and I have put into practice some of the skills we are learning in MKMMA to help a family member through a tough time with a divorce from a 30 plus year marriage, and his sorting out his thoughts and possessions.

It seems to be helping as he calls daily for inspiration and someone to talk things over with. I have been sharing daily affirmations and gratitudes. Re-affirming his self-worth and re-building his self-confidence. Apparently his spouse had been putting layer after layer of cement over his Golden Buddha. 30 plus years of negative bias from the world without.

We have formed a Master Mind Alliance to restore his mental well being, from the world within. Helping him to understand that he is also “nature’s greatest miracle”.

Just like us, changing his subby to positive bias will take time and work. I have encouraged him to join MKMMA  this September.

The affirmation I shared with him today was Haanel’s   “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. He was stunned, commented how powerful and enlightening it was. I told him to repeat it aloud 3 times a day.

Moving forward he will be in a better place mentally, become stronger than he realizes, and get back to being his old kind and loving self.

Peace and Aloha, Steve


5 thoughts on “Week 17A with MKMMA

  1. What a HUGE leap you’ve made to extend kindness and R2A2: Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply….You’re making the world a better place. What a powerful gift you guys are to the planet.

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  2. Aloha, Steven! Loren from Blog Roverville is here!

    Have you ever experienced anything comparable to MKMMA?, I know I haven’t! So many powerful concepts to tease the mind, move the body, and arouse the spirit.

    Since it is obvious you attended the Week 17 HJ webinar, you might recall hearing “Don’t play small, answer the call!”

    Doesn’t mean that much, until one knows the context. Then you realize it means everything, because it’s the call to take the hero’s journey – the journey to reclaim our authentic self – the part of us that knows why we are here. It’s not to find the meaning of life. It’s to give meaning to life by knowing exactly what we need to be doing to make the most of our unique, magnificent potential to serve others; and in so doing serve ourselves.

    Sorry, for pretending not to know that you already know this, Steven. Some things just tend to bubble out, and I’m letting this bubble into every blog post comment I write this evening. Even though it appears you don’t need any, perhaps, it will be of some service to you as a reminder

    According to Og, “YOU ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE!” Having so delightfully chosen to put your friend under your MKE wing, as you have, you are already appearing part miracle/part hero to me! I’m very grateful to be sharing this journey with you!

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  3. Aloha, Steven! Loren from Blog Roverville is back again!

    According to Scroll V, “WE ARE TO LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS ARE LAST!” Combine that with “WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT?” gives pause to wonder why anyone would even bother to write a blog post. However, us rovers realize they are stepping stones to greatness. Therefore, as you near the finish line, we commend you for staying the course…sort of.

    The record shows you’ll soon be back in the saddle again!

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  4. Steve, This blog was amazing and so full of kindness. It is so neat to see you reach out and want to help others in need. You are taking great leaps in the right direction. As you give more the law of attraction will return with more kindness your way. Have a great week and continue to learn new and exciting things.

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