Week 14 with MKMMA

Week 14

Over the Christmas holiday we were assigned to watch and relate to one of a list of movies. For no particular reason I chose to watch Rudy, set in the mid 1970’s, and based on a true story.

What a feel good movie. Against all odds, Rudy managed to accomplish something no one believed he could. Even without the belief of others, Rudy believed in himself.

While watching this movie I observed several instances of the very things we are learning in the MKMMA. Such as the DMP, POA, persistence, ignoring the nay sayers, and visualization.

Rudy had a vision of one day playing for his families favorite football teams Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish. Even though he was only 5’ tall and weighed barely 100 pounds, and was told he had hardly a speck of athletic ability.

Rudy persisted, his DMP would not let it go. Even in the face of his detractors, he persisted. He developed his POA, and persisted.

Through the Law of Attraction, Rudy brought into play others that would help him in seemingly impossible quest. First he had to get his grades up to even get into Notre Dame, the Priest there helped him to get into the Holy Cross college. During his time there Rudy kept applying for admission to Notre Dame. After many attempts, he was finally accepted and could try out for the team. Rudy was determined to do the best he could with the physical limitations he had, he made the cut.

Rudy exhibited persistence in the practices and won the respect of his teammates. Enough so that the team forced the head coach to let him suit up for his very last game. Rudy’s family agreed to come to his game and watch him on the field. However, his team wasn’t satisfied with him just warming the bench, so in the last quarter they forced the coach to play him, causing his father and brothers to finally acknowledge Rudy’s lifelong dream of playing for Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish.

Peace and Aloha, Steve



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