Week 17A with MKMMA

Over the past couple of weeks my wife and I have put into practice some of the skills we are learning in MKMMA to help a family member through a tough time with a divorce from a 30 plus year marriage, and his sorting out his thoughts and possessions.

It seems to be helping as he calls daily for inspiration and someone to talk things over with. I have been sharing daily affirmations and gratitudes. Re-affirming his self-worth and re-building his self-confidence. Apparently his spouse had been putting layer after layer of cement over his Golden Buddha. 30 plus years of negative bias from the world without.

We have formed a Master Mind Alliance to restore his mental well being, from the world within. Helping him to understand that he is also “nature’s greatest miracle”.

Just like us, changing his subby to positive bias will take time and work. I have encouraged him to join MKMMA  this September.

The affirmation I shared with him today was Haanel’s   “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”. He was stunned, commented how powerful and enlightening it was. I told him to repeat it aloud 3 times a day.

Moving forward he will be in a better place mentally, become stronger than he realizes, and get back to being his old kind and loving self.

Peace and Aloha, Steve


Week 17 with MKMMA

In week 15 we were introduced to the list known as the “Franklin Makeover”. Each week we focus on one of 13 virtues. In week two we all focused on the virtue of kindness. Not wanting to rely on my perception, I looked up the word, this is what I found.

kind·ness ˈkīn(d)nəs/ noun

1 the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

2 synonyms: kindliness, kindheartedness, warmheartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care; More consideration, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, unselfishness, selflessness, altruism, compassion, sympathy, understanding, big-heartedness, benevolence, benignity, friendliness, hospitality, neighborliness;
generosity, magnanimity, charitableness
“he thanked her for her kindness”

3 a kind act.plural noun: kindnesses “it is a kindness I shall never forget”


So with that info I started to observe acts of kindness for the week. I was really surprised at how often other people are kind to one another. I suppose with our old negative bias subby we forget to see this virtue in others.

I really enjoyed observing and participating in kind acts. Some are seemingly insignificant but are such a powerful influence on the positive bias, not just for the beneficiaries of the act, to all those who observe it.

While watching Mark and Dayna give the free hugs, I noticed some people were not impressed and held back. Most others seemed delighted to get their free hug, and were all smiles as they left. I’m sure they carried good feelings with them for the rest of their day, and also performed random acts of kindness of their own.  Small acts of kindness, great rewards.

By continuing this virtue of kindness we can have global ripple effects, thereby not only enriching our own lives but all lives.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 16 with MKMMA

In this month’s reading of Scroll IV of The Greatest Salesman, one paragraph hit home. Without knowing it prior to reading it in the book, I have actually been living it.

The problems of my home will be left in my home. I will think naught of my family when I am in the market place for this will cloud my thoughts. So too will the problems of the market place be left in the market place and I will think naught of my profession when I am in my home for this will dampen my love”.

When I started out my electrical apprenticeship 30 plus yeas ago, I was fortunate enough to be working with a very intelligent journeyman. This mentor of the trade explained how when I was on the job, I needed to focus on the job and not let problems at home interfere with job performance. I didn’t quite get it right away, but listened to him and tried to put it into practice. 

The electrical trade can be very hazardous, and I started hearing about some of the misfortunes of others. Some had minor electrocutions, others have had electrical burns severe enough to spend time in the hospital, and a few of my brothers, we buried. Perhaps their thoughts were clouded and lost their focus.

Armed with the wisdom of this man, I put these words into practice and have successfully completed my career, and retired from this trade with all my body parts intact. 

I had also put into practice the part where I didn’t bring home the job with me. Only sharing interesting and funny events or conversations, never the complaints, frustrations or the construction language. I always felt that my home should be a safe place for my family.

Og explains further, There is no room in the market place for my family, nor is there room in my home for the market. Each I will divorce from the other and thus will I remain wedded to both”.

How fortunate I had been that my journeyman took the time to tell me this, and I always passed it on to the apprentices that came to work with me.

Thank you Og, for putting this into perspective.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 15 with MKMMA

Chapter 15 of the Master Keys, very powerful. We see many of the truths we have been working on for these many weeks. Various laws that must be followed in order to re-wire our sub-consciousness, how we bend ourselves to these laws, destroying old habits to make way for new, good habits in order to be in harmony with the vision of our future selves.

Every time I read it, I see more evidence of how we are achieving what we have set out to do, and the means by which these accomplishments are made.

Paragraph 3 explains why I had to make 10 revisions of my DMP, and change one of my PPN’s.  “Difficulties, in-harmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require” This was my problem. It became easier after I accepted what I needed and gave up what I didn’t.

Early on, I had trouble trying to express what my vision of my future self would be. I had been expressing negative thought bias without seeing it. Thanks to the gentle encouragement of my guide, I persisted and removed the negatives and only expressed the positives.  Thus bringing my DMP into compliance with par. 21 “Words are thoughts and are therefore an invisible and invincible power which will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given”.

In par. 14 we read, “This leads to the inevitable conclusion that if we wish to express abundance in our lives, we can afford to think abundance only, and as words are only thoughts taking form, we must be especially careful to use nothing but constructive and harmonious language, which when finally crystallized into objective forms, will prove to our advantage”.

Now I understand, this is why we need to express ourselves in the positive, to seek out the harmony in every facet of our lives. 

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 14 with MKMMA

Week 14

Over the Christmas holiday we were assigned to watch and relate to one of a list of movies. For no particular reason I chose to watch Rudy, set in the mid 1970’s, and based on a true story.

What a feel good movie. Against all odds, Rudy managed to accomplish something no one believed he could. Even without the belief of others, Rudy believed in himself.

While watching this movie I observed several instances of the very things we are learning in the MKMMA. Such as the DMP, POA, persistence, ignoring the nay sayers, and visualization.

Rudy had a vision of one day playing for his families favorite football teams Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish. Even though he was only 5’ tall and weighed barely 100 pounds, and was told he had hardly a speck of athletic ability.

Rudy persisted, his DMP would not let it go. Even in the face of his detractors, he persisted. He developed his POA, and persisted.

Through the Law of Attraction, Rudy brought into play others that would help him in seemingly impossible quest. First he had to get his grades up to even get into Notre Dame, the Priest there helped him to get into the Holy Cross college. During his time there Rudy kept applying for admission to Notre Dame. After many attempts, he was finally accepted and could try out for the team. Rudy was determined to do the best he could with the physical limitations he had, he made the cut.

Rudy exhibited persistence in the practices and won the respect of his teammates. Enough so that the team forced the head coach to let him suit up for his very last game. Rudy’s family agreed to come to his game and watch him on the field. However, his team wasn’t satisfied with him just warming the bench, so in the last quarter they forced the coach to play him, causing his father and brothers to finally acknowledge Rudy’s lifelong dream of playing for Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish.

Peace and Aloha, Steve


Week 13 with MKMMA

Harmony VS. Balance

We are to concentrate on harmony, but what does that mean. One definition is “The state of being in agreement or concord” and another “an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative” yet another “it is an order or congruity of parts to their whole or to one another”.

This is not to be confused with Balance, “balance is a point between two opposite forces that is desirable over purely one state or the other”.

These are very different in meaning, if you are seeking balance, you need to give something up on one side of the whole to even up the other side.

So by definition, becoming positive biased instead of negative biased can not be balanced.

Therefore in seeking harmony, we pull together the forces needed to effect the positive bias thought processes.

Embracing the Seven Laws of the Mind, we can develop an harmonious mental attitude and find harmony in our world within, which in turn will reflect on our world without.

We, the students in the MKMMA have been given the tools necessary to think correctly and change our realities. It is up to us to apply this knowledge to bring about an harmonious mental attitude.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 12 with MKMMA

Part Twelve of the Master Keys paragraph 3 states “…we find it difficult to banish fear, anxiety or discouragement, all of which are powerful thought forces, and which continually send the things we desire further away, so that it is often one step forward and two steps backward”.

Over the break for the holidays I have been struggling to keep my thoughts focused on the prize. My old subby has been powerful, exhibiting itself as in all the above, fear, anxiety and even discouragement.

Anxious that trying to catch up let alone keep up. Fear of not being able to express my thoughts for this blog. Discouraged when another day has passed without inspiration.

Persistence, focus, the readings and the sit keep reminding me why I’m even doing this. Keep going forward.

Focusing in on my dream board and reading my DMP reminds me that I really need to chip away at the hardened concrete engulfing my inner golden Buddha. I know that with persistence, I can achieve success. By using the law of relaxation, the doorway to progress, I know I am able to overcome these hindrances. Dig deeper.

Peace and Aloha, Steve

Week 11 withMKMMA

Of the 7 Laws of the Mind, the Law of Forgiveness came into prominence this week.

The Law states; “To access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel. There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not exists”.

This week a family member passed away unexpectedly. In years past he was a close friend and confidant. However the relationship had deteriorated in the last few years to the point where there was no communication. Anger and resentment replaced the love.

About two days prior to his departure from his earthly journey, he appeared in a dream. Larger than life, his head bowed down, not speaking. Very strange, as he was not thought of very often.

After learning of his passing, we came to an understanding of the Law of Forgiveness. His mysterious appearance was the connection between the subconscious of both, along with the Devine, to release the anger and resentment.

Coming to this understanding has made it easier for the conscious mind to deal with the fact that even though he passed without a verbal, physical reconciliation, we are now at peace with each other. Many thanks to the subconscious mind connections with the Universal mind.

Peace and Aloha, Steve