Week 5 with MKMMA

My first thoughts about not expressing or even forming opinions was, this might be a little tough. One week into it and I can say I did try. I didn’t realize just how many times a day I offered my opinions. I did observe when I gave an opinion that wasn’t asked for. First thing I did was to explain to my wife Connie what this exercise is and what it’s about. It was actually refreshing not having to form and express my opinions. Of course we both laughed when I realized my faux pas, then said that was an opinion. It’s getting easier to become the observer, and I really like just saying, I have no opinion on that…

I feel that the giving and receiving exercise went better for me. I believe this is something I already try to do with the people I come in contact with, but now I do it more consciously and with more feeling.

I’m still being challenged with the DMP trying to get it right.

Aloha, Steve


Week 4 with MKMMA

I am learning to be more positive and expressive in crafting my DMP, trying to get past the struggles of the old ways my subconscious had been previously hard wired, and re-write my thought processes. I’m starting to see why this course is so long, it take awhile to re-write it. I’m finding that I need to dedicate more time to this commitment to do it justice. Like Davene said, you have to give it 100%. Give anything less, you won’t succeed.

I like the Giving and Receiving Card, this is such a powerful tool to reprogram the subby into being positive at every personal encounter. This really ties into the ‘World Within’ and learning to be more giving of oneself, to be of service to others.

All these things that we are learning and putting into practice, seem to be working already. I have found that helping others without any expectations is rewarding, it just feels good. Could this be a new ‘Good Habit’ forming, and like Mandino wrote “if it’s a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often”.

Aloha, Steve

Week 3 with MKMMA

One of the things we did this week was to eliminate the word ‘will’ from Scroll I in The Greatest Salesman book, at first I tried to just read it by skipping over the word, but found it too difficult. So I crossed out the word in every instance, but then I discovered that I was having trouble reading with the sentence structures. I watched the webcast again and realized that Mark had said we might need to change the tense in the remaining sentence. For me, that did the trick, I guess my ‘subby’ is now satisfied now that the scroll is in present tense, leaving out any ambiguity about time.

This week also brought us another lesson in speed reading, this is really helpful with the amount of reading that we have. I only wish that I had learned these techniques while still in high school, that might have made a major impact on the homework and grades. Never too old to learn new ways of doing things.

Working on my DMP has been a self discovery journey in itself. Learning to put down on paper what my self vision is without ambiguity, being specific about dates, things, and desires. Emphasizing the emotions and feelings, all in the positive. Quite the challenge for the cement encrusted subconscious mind of old. As I understand that this is a progression, I promise to continue to revise my DMP until my guide and I, are both satisfied. I appreciate all the examples covered in last weeks lesson. Looks like I might not have been the only one having trouble expressing my self vision.

Still excited to be on this journey and looking forward to Sunday.

Aloha, Steve

Week 2 with MKMMA

Week 2 with MKMMA

This week we learned that we have to replace or overwrite our old bad habits with new ones, this is accomplished by repetition, reading aloud with excitement and feeling. By emphasizing emotion during our reading aloud, will drive the message into the subconscious as it cannot defend against our own thoughts and emotions. This activity will retrain the 4 Billion synaptic connections that comprise our subconscious mind and create our new good habits. As Og Mandino said in Scroll Marked I, “I will form good habits and become their slave”.

In week 2 there is some discussion on the feeling of being overwhelmed and how it is our subconscious telling us to quit, and we need to over rule it. In fact I have felt overwhelmed, with all the reading and learning of how to retrain our very thought processes, unlearn our old bad habits. Even just finding the time to keep up is sometimes daunting, and this comes from a retired person, I can not imagine how someone working full time can do this. However, I’m convinced that the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance is the way forward to a much more rewarding life and I will continue to override the suggestion of my subconscious to quit.

As I am making this journey, I have been focusing on making positive changes and trying to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings. As a result of studying the “Seven Laws of the Mind”  I have recently removed a “friend” from my life, as I had come to realize that this persons overwhelming negativity had started to creep into my subconscious and have a negative impact upon me. I started feeling better immediately after I blocked all forms of communication, and feel no regrets of doing so. I find it is now easier to eliminate the anger, and forgive that individual. Just another example of rewriting my subconscious, thank you MKMMA.

Steve Melanson