Week 1 My experience with MKMMA

My first week with the MKMMA.

My first impressions are that this is a lot of information to assimilate, and a lot of work to create new habits to replace the old ones that have been holding me back from achieving my dreams for so long. However, I’m up to the task, I’m ready to make positive changes.

I can see it’s not going to be easy to create a new Blueprint for my subconscious. But with the guidance of the MKMMA on my journey to my self-discovery, this will be life changing.

The journey has begun, I’m already reading faster, and reading more, not just anything, but the books that will help me make the needed, positive life changes. I have found that I don’t have as much time for TV, but still have the time for the all important things, such as spending time with my grandchildren. TV time was an easy thing to reduce for this life changing transition, the breaking of the old habits that have held me back from achieving my major goals in life.

Learning new methods, and following through with the course requirements has not been the easiest thing for me, but I can see the benefits and I will continue to meet the requirements. I am determined to build my own dreams, and not the dreams of others.